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Please read the waiver below and fill out the required fields found in the following form sections. All liability language from the waiver will apply to all persons listed below.



TO: 102056841 Saskatchewan Ltd. and The Backyard Family Entertainment Corp., operating as The Backyard, its agents, owners, officers, affiliates, volunteers, participants, employees and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on their behalf (and their respective successors and assigns) (collectively, “The Backyard”).

  1. I acknowledge that my participation and/or my Child’s (including any person who I am legal guardian of or responsible for the supervision of) participation in or use of The Backyard’s games or activities (including but not limited to bounce houses, slides, obstacles course, Velcro walls, bungee run, climbing walls, joust, sumo suits, mechanical games and carnival games) (the “Activities”) contains known and unanticipated risks that include, but are not limited to, bodily injury.  I understand these injuries may be caused or contributed to by the negligence or carelessness of others. Some risks include but are not limited to: cuts and bruises, muscle and joint sprains and strains, broken bones, collisions with other participants, other serious injuries, and in extreme cases, even death.
  2. I acknowledge that The Backyard does not require me to participate in these Activities.  I recognize the existence of inherent risks in participation in The Backyard Activities and I agree that I freely accept and assume all inherent risks and dangers associated with my participation and/or my child’s presence and/or participation in or at the said Activities. Specifically, I understand that the Activity includes physical activity and I confirm that I and/or my Child is/are physically and mentally capable of participating in the Activity.
  3. I assume full responsibility for understanding and following the rules and safe practices associated with The Backyard’s Activities and for the personal safety of myself and/or my child(ren).  
  4. I waive any and all claims against The Backyard arising from or connected, directly or indirectly, with my presence and/or participation, or my child’s presence and/or participation at the Activities.  
  5. I release The Backyard from any and all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that I, or my child, may suffer or incur by reason of my presence or my child’s presence at, or participation in, this Activity, due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence on the part of other participants, or anyone else.
  6. I further agree to hold harmless and indemnify The Backyard from any and all liability for any and all liability for loss, damage, personal injury or death to myself or my child or by anyone else in connection with my presence or my child’s presence at, or participation in, this Activity.  Should The Backyard or anyone acting on its behalf be required to incur legal fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I agree to indemnify and hold The Backyard harmless from all such fees and costs.
  7. I acknowledge and understand that The Backyard is not responsible for any lost or stolen items of personal property belonging to myself and/or my children under my care while said property is at The Backyard facilities, including but not limited to lockers, parking lots and vehicles in parking lots.
  8. Any litigation involving the parties to this agreement shall be brought in the exclusive jurisdiction of the Province of Saskatchewan and shall be governed by the exclusive laws of the Province of Saskatchewan.
  9. All of the provisions of this Agreement shall be treated as separate and distinct and if any provision is declared invalid, the other provisions shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.
  10. Any electronic transmission capable of producing a printed copy of this Agreement signed by any person named below will be sufficient to establish the signature of that person to constitute the consent in writing of that person to this Agreement.
  11. I understand that The Backyard collects and creates information about individuals ("personal information") for purposes of the administration of The Backyard and its programs and services. I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my, and/or my Child’s, personal information as described above.

I HAVE READ THIS DOCUMENT THOROUGHLY AND I ACKNOWLEDGE AND REPRESENT THAT I understand it and sign it on behalf of myself and/or my minor child, and on behalf of our respective heirs, executors, representatives and assigns, voluntarily of my own free will.  No oral representations, statements or inducements apart from the foregoing agreement have been made. I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and fully competent. I execute this Agreement for full, adequate and complete consideration fully intending to be bound by the same.

I acknowledge I have read and understand this waiver and certify that all personal information is correct.
By signing this waiver, I agree that all information is complete and accurate.